Tuesday, April 26, 2011

rah-rah-ranting and rambling: creative hiatus reemergence.

i decided to take a creative hiatus for two reasons:
1. information overload.
2. rededication & refocus.


i'm inspired by all things under the sun, but (especially if you're apart of generation Y) due to over-sharing and the influx of blogs, twitter, facebook, there's a fine line between inspiration and just plain recycling or unoriginality. it's one thing to be "inspired" by an artist and another to copy someone else's style and call it your own (although sometimes, this may happen unintentionally). lately i've seen a lot of copy-catting.

also found myself looking to other "successful" up + coming videographers and photographers and feeling some sort of resentment from the shine that they're getting on blogs or from certain popular figures. i had to steer myself back on the right path and beat it into myself that i'm not competing with the cobrasnakes, the calmatics and the keshs of the world (admire them, but still...)- i'm bringing something totally different to the table.... and i'm not doing it to be better than them - i'm doing it to fulfill my OWN potential as an artist.

anyway... in attempt to avoid further getting tangled in a web of cliched behavior, i took a few days to distance myself from all things trend-related and looked deep within myself to come up with concepts for future art projects.

i reacquainted myself with TRUE creativity.

contrary to popular belief, in photography & film, creativity is deeper than desaturating tones, pulling pictures in and out of focus - playing with depth of field, and adding funky filters in post. creativity is using your imagination to see things in a way that no one has seen before. creativity means telling a story from a fresh perspective.

creativity isn't simply about making a "pretty" picture. I'm not in this to make a "pretty" picture. i'm in this to tell a strong visual story that also happens to be visually pleasing.

so with that said, i'm emerging from this hiatus with a newfound drive to create INNOVATIVE works of art.


second reason: the need to redirect my attention to what matters to ERIN. as of late, i've found myself getting caught up in doing photography and film for all of the wrong reasons. money. networking opportunities. routine... i got sidetracked and nearly forgot what made me passionate about the two in the beginning - my love for art, and my passion for creative storytelling.

i've gotten so drawn to event photography for the networking opportunities and the revenue, that I stopped honing my skills of composing creative photographs (and videos). sure, the parties are exciting and i meet a lot of awesome people... sometimes even cool celebrities, but that's not what i want to spend the rest of my life doing... heck... i don't even want to spend the rest of THIS YEAR focusing on event photography. fashion spreads! journalism! landscapes!... those are just a few of the types of work that i miss doing!

blah. blah. blah. long story short, with this much needed break, i've decided to rededicate my life to art & refocus my attention towards fulfilling my potential as an artist.

'tis all. done ranting.

until next time, peace.


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